Monday, February 28

the party.

p - a - r - t
y? cuz we got to.

we had a little party for ellie and it was a real smash hit. 
(anything involving this much sugar is automatically a smash hit in my book.)

ellie was so dainty with her cake. she used her fork and took tiny bites of frosting until daddy opened up the cake to show her what was inside. she still stuck to that fork and i'm glad - it kept her from going too nuts. she's been practicing hard with that fork and, by golly, she's going to show off her skills!

we're blessed to have so many people who love our little girl.
we're even more blessed just to have her!

let her eat cake!

p.s. - as this post is hitting the internet, ellie and i are en route to utah. pray for our cranky, tired souls so that we don't die of anxiety/stress/exhaustion/etc mid-flight. also, pray for the other passengers on the plane that they will put up with our shenanigans.


Saimi said...

Happy Birthday Ellie have a great time in Utah!!

Kristina P. said...

So fun! She is going to town on that cake.

Tom and Juli said...

Have a good time in Utah, Ellie is lucky to have such a cool mom who throws awesome parties.

Ash said...

It was such a good party Bradie! We had a really good time. All we've been talking about since then is how cute/funny/smart Ellie is.

Have fun in Utah!

sunnydays photography said...

totally cute!!
happy one year to ellie!

Anonymous said...

wow!! my sister certainly knows how to throw a party... and decorate one too! you're gonna have to move closer so you can help decorate and bake for our parties!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...


Say, you want to come throw birthday parties for my kids?