Saturday, February 12

bang, bang, bang.

so all this blah-yucky-stay-inside weather makes me feel like i need to do something drastic.


i want some. 
husband hates them. 
he claims that bangs are for children because they don't know how to keep their hair out of their faces. 
("i don't want five-year-old wife!")

but still. 

i had long hair with bangs once.
they looked pretty decent, but i worked in food service and had my hair up all the time so the bangs thing didn't really work out.

now i've been virtually making myself over at taaz
(go there if you want to waste a lot of time putting reese witherspoon's hair with your face).

oh, i kind of want bangs. 
but i don't want to have to grow them out again when i decide i don't want them. 
oh, i don't know. 

if i went for it, i would definitely have someone else cut them. 
i usually do those sorts of things myself and it shows.

me now: 
(i didn't do anything to my hair but wash it and brush it)

celeb bangs: 

 to the side. 

 my previous bangs looked a lot like this.

choppy, messy bangs.

i like these. 

what do you think? 
even though i probably won't do them 
because husband's the one who married me and he has to look at me the most.


Saimi said...

You're so darn cute! I like the Celeb look with the swoop. You're not only cute but sweet. To care what your husbands thinks is awesome, my poor husband never knows what to expect when I leave for the salon..

I guess after 25 years of different hair styles and he's still around I guess I can chalk it up to true love! HA!!

Kristina P. said...

I've had bangs for about 2 1/3 months now. It took me about a month to figure out how to really do them and work with my cowlick. Plus my hair is very fine, so them aren't as smooth as I would like them.

I think you look adorable anyway!

Kathleen said...

I have bangs now, i randomly decided to chop them in november and am now growing them out. they look pretty decent but growing them out is going to be a pain. you look beautiful with all the different styles and would look great with bangs, but i do have to say i admire your hair now, i think its gorgeous. whatever you do, it will look great on you!

Thomas said...

I think you can pull the side sweep bangs by with your husband... because they aren't technically bangs... just shorter hairs on the side of your face.....? Maybe? I think all of them look fun though, I really want to get bangs too!

pefblog said...

I like choppy messy...but bangs area commitment??? Grow out is a pain for sure

Ash said...

Hmm, I think you should get Zooey Deschanel bangs so I can have hair satisfaction vicariously through you. I've tried bangs a bunch, and never have them for more than a couple of months because I have to blow dry them and then straighten them, and fuss with them all day. But you've got great hair! Do it!

Anonymous said...

tell jimmy to suck on a lemon! it's your hair bangs will grow out if you don't like them. i personally like those choppy ones. i wouldn't recommend the claw like bangs i used to have, they took a while to grow out.

p.s. you look so much like mom with long hair.

Scaliwag said...

i like the last one! It'll look so cute on you. I miss you so much. I keep wanting to call and talk to you but then I get busy with the house and helping out with mom.