Tuesday, February 8


i was boiling water for herbal tea, then opted for cocoa instead.
i'm feeling like a real sap today.

you know. just the whole
mood that i don't really give in to so often.

so here are some songs/videos* that are making me feel all fuzzy and warm and whatever
because i want to make you feel that gross, tingly, sappy feeling, too.

oh, and also imagine that a little ellie runs up to you, hugs your shins and puts her head against your knees and then runs away again. (and she's dancing to the music.)
okay, did i get you?

*one of the videos you actually have to go to youtube to watch, but it does work. also, i know some of you are thinking "country?!" but here in the fowler house, our music tastes are nothing if not diverse. plus it's zack brown band! come on.


Aloha_Misty said...

sorry bradie. i hope things start looking up soon.

David and Ann said...

aw!!! you got me!! when langdon crawls up my leg and puts his head on my shoulder, I melt. babies are the best! I can't wait to meet mine!!

Whitney said...

love love love! I don't absolutely love being in that mood, but music definitely helps make it better.

Saimi said...

Ah we all have days like that, lucky for you, you have a sweet little girl to help you through, and some good music!

Kathleen said...

mushaboom is definitely my favorite sappy song. i love it! brings tears to my eyes pretty much every time i hear it. haha