Monday, February 7

happy monday!

ellie has started saying a lot of funny little babbles. 
my favorite is "uhwazzzuhWAZZAHWAZZAH!"

the other night we had chicken curry and she loved it. she ate every last bite.
i got a little video of her telling me how much she loved it.

a great start to a week, right? 

p.s. - ellie has been watching blue's clues lately. she likes to answer when all the little kids answer, even though you can't understand what she says. anyway, am i the only person who thinks "skidoo" sounds a little bit gross? like, when blue "skidoos" into the picture? it doesn't look as gross when i spell it. you have to say it.


sisterwendy said...

She has got the best little personality! Just like her mama xoxoxxo

Scaliwag said...

she's getting so BIG!
This video made my entire day better
little dang adorable!

Ash said...

Haha. She's just chattering away now!

Saimi said...

Who knew Chinese would be her first second language!

She's so adorable!!

pefblog said...

I need an ellie fix!!!

Kathleen said...

she has such a cute little voice! and she is so proper using her utensils. i love it!

Anonymous said...

that totally made my monday! there were a few times in that video that she looks just like you when you were little.