Thursday, February 24

spring has sprung?

we had an incredibly lovely weekend, by the way. i can't not mention it. with lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s, we spent most of our weekend outside playing.

on saturday we headed to the athens "zoo" and memorial park for a while. we saw all the animals, but ellie liked people-watching more than creature-watching. she walked around most of the zoo by herself until her shoe came off and fell into the golden eagle's pen. we did get it back, but she (daddy) decided she was better off riding in the stroller for the remainder of the adventure.

after we saw what the great city of athens had to offer, we came home and played in the yard for hours. ellie finally got her "off-road feet" (another term coined by daddy) and she chased judge and inspected almost every stick and leaf she saw.

so, basically what i'm saying is that

and we are excited for more weather like this.


Ash said...

I love Memorial Park! It's so funny. And how the heck did you get her shoe back?

Ellie's facial expressions are too cute.

David and Ann said...

I was thinking, based on what everyone else is up to, of showing David around Athens and all my childhood "haunts"! Mommer use to take us to memorial park every day in the summer :D Then in the evening Johnny said he would take us all to pizza (Tuesday the 7th of March)- you guys game?

Saimi said...

I'm reading this while watching the snow flurries flutter around...
Spring has not sprung! But Ellie sure is having fun!

Anonymous said...

a blizzard is coming tonight. bring your snow clothes on monday.

Anonymous said...

and while you're at it, bring that warm weather with you.