Wednesday, February 2


mr. groundhog, whatever you do, make nice weather. (wait, you do that, right?)

we had a  really great weekend with "spring-like conditions" and now we're smack in the middle of a whole week of rain. i don't see any motorcycle rides for daddy in the near future, which means no car for mommy, which ultimately means no random sanity-saving trips to hobby lobby this week. 

perfect example of the cabin fever mentioned previously:

 yep. christmas pajama pants worn on the head.

(do my sisters remember wearing clothes as "hair" when we were little?)


Scaliwag said...

HAHAHA awh ellie!
I do! I also remember tying hair bands around blankets and putting them around our waists and pass them off as mermaid fins.

Kristina P. said...

I think you should try underwear, next!

Saimi said...

What a crack up!! She's such a silly girl!!

Just SO said...

I remember you guys wearing clothes as hair! That is fabulous.

Sorry about the rain. :(

Anonymous said...

i was just going to say that! we would put them on and pretend to be mermaids and stuff. looks like she has inherited our imagination too.