Tuesday, March 15

the visit, part one.

more outdoors:

meeting horses at the riding center where my sister volunteers, 
and talking a walk to the park (but really the gas station, for drinks).


yeah, i apologize for the collage frenzy.
at least i admit it when i'm obsessed.
uh, but i won't stop.


Saimi said...

What a big brave girl your Ellie is!
She can horseback ride with me any time!

Anonymous said...

i missed this one too! i'm glad you got to talk a walk to harts. isn't it wierd having smith bros. gone?

Ash said...

Is that your sister in one of the top photos? She looks just like you!

Scaliwag said...

That day was SO fun!! Ryker still asks when i go over if you guys get to play with him ahha.