Thursday, March 31


ellie definitely has the mullet going on. it only grows in the back, not so much on top. 
i tried out a hairstyle and actually got the tiny rubber bands to stay . . . until she got in her carseat and they immediately came out. 

her hair is just wayyyy too fine. 

on another hair-related note, her collection of headbands is growing. seeing as she just likes to take them off and put them on over and over and over, i got her some for dress up.
(they are adorable. she just got a new one with grammy on saturday, so we'll have to break that one out for pictures next.)

(she's folding her arms in that last one. it's her latest "thing." she does it when she's trying to be good in public, or if she sees me fold my arms, whenever she sits down to eat or . . . any reason, really. she loves doing it.)


Saimi said...

How many ways can you say STINKING CUTE!!! I love that little Ellie bean and she her personality is really shining these days...I can't wait to see her as a two year old!! Heh, heh!!

Kristina P. said...

She is just so cute!

My one-year old niece has a TON of hair. And it's really long. She got the luck, I guess!

erynn said...

love the "folding the arms" trick and i would love for that little bunny to hop on over to my house for easter!!

Ash said...

Cutest. Pigtails. Ever.

-m- said...

CUTE!!! she's such a little character:)