Sunday, April 3

oh, brother.

i have to give a shout out to my big little brother on his 14th birthday. 

fourteen was my favorite for a while. i felt like things finally started to get better during that whole mess that is junior high and teenagedom and everything that we all wish we never had to experience (but we're better for it . . . i guess).

here's to a great year and an even better year after that! 

my brother, on the day that i introduced him to the wonder that is fritos honey bbq twists. it's safe to assume he was blown away.
seriously? you never had those? go get you some!

it was a great day. so glad you "didn't have to go to school." love you little brother.
(sorry you had to have a sunday birthday. wuhhh wuhhhhhhh.)


Kathleen said...

fritos honey bbq twists are the BEST! so full of msg that the flavor blows your mind. they are definitely my favorite things to eat, even if they make me sick to my stomach :D

erynn said...

happy birthday noah boy!!