Monday, April 4

my kid, the ham.

(first thing in the morning, bringing her animals out to play)

lately she's been hamming it up for the camera. really, i think she's just trying to smile and squint so that the flash doesn't get her. she's been especially fun, too. she has a great sense of humor and just gets more and more funny. well, at least, i think she's funny. she makes me laugh.

(this was not a staged photo. she was really hanging out in the trunk with her baby.)

she's such a big girl and she's really not much of a baby anymore. she's a kid. 
a little sad, but mostly great . . . i'm just dreading the day when she thinks i'm super lame. at this rate, it's right around the corner.  

just a few things i am liking about her being "a kid":
she comes to me and plops herself on my lap for snuggles
she helps clean up and knows where things go
she able to enjoy some of my favorite things, like potstickers and ginger snaps
she's becoming familiar with "the potty" (more to come on that one)
i ask her yes or no questions and she can respond
she takes fairly regular naps and sleeps 12 hours!!! (knockonwood/don'tjinxit!)
she runs up to me and throws her arms around my neck and gives me giant hugs several times a day

awww. my girl is growing up.


Tom and Juli said...

As much fun as the kid stage is, it's always a little sad to give up the baby stage, huh? She makes a pretty adorable kid though, I must say.

Saimi said...

She is growing up and I've enjoyed every post about it too! Now If I could figure out how to kiss those adorable cheeks of hers, man she's a cutie and I love how she totes her baby around!!

Kristina P. said...

Well, when you got it, flaunt it!

Ash said...

She is definitely not camera shy. John was telling us some of the stuff that she was doing when he came over to visit you guys and we couldn't stop laughing. She's such a funny little kid.

erynn said...

your title sums it up, she is a ham!! and just don't let her fall asleep in that trunk like one of her aunties did once upon a time.