Saturday, April 23

lost. or just busy.

husband is usually spot on when it comes to finding a resemblance to celebrities and characters. 

when i got my new glasses, it was lisa loeb (except she's obviously more put-together and looks a lot less crazy than i do). 

then it was the comparison to sue heck.
i don't have photos as proof, but trust me. there was a striking similarity.

today, apparently, i looked like a woman who was shipwrecked for years. 
i can't deny it. 
(i made the pictures of me black and white so you can tell the difference.)

(if you don't know, she's from lost. the show. you should watch it, especially since it is over and you don't have to wait forever to find out what happens next. it's pretty fun.)

that explains my life lately. shipwrecked. well, just wrecked. i have been crazy and lazy and my house and self are total wrecks. i have a few excuses, but i'm not sure you really want to hear any of them. 

i've been playing with my girl and i've started babysitting a little and, well, just doing whatever i want. 
and eating some chocolate eggs and jelly beans and all of that stuff while i'm at it. 

life is pretty good, even when things get crazy.

will have easter things to post tomorrow and/or the next day, for sure. i guarantee that they'll be adorable.


Kristina P. said...

You DO look Lisa Loeb! Who is completely adorable.

pefblog said...

Nope on the shipwrecked gal!!!! Yep on the Lisa Loeb!!! Can't wait to see the photos. xoxoxo

Ash said...

Your hair looks amazing. You look like Zooey Deschanel with your dark hair! And I hear you on feeling like a wreck.