Tuesday, April 5

more accessories. more, more, more.

this girl loves to accessorize. headbands, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. 
and of course, she loves shoes.

here's the latest headband addition that i mentioned:

why, yes! she is watching sesame street and sporting the just-a-diaper-and-headband look!

(in case you didn't know, every time someone puts a headband on you have to clap. yay, headbands!!)

p.s. - pretty sure there is a dolly somewhere in every picture i ever take lately. she usually has one or two in her arms.


Ash said...

This reminds me of the post where Ellie was wearing camo and screaming. She is definitely a girly baby. It's so funny how much she loves her accessories and her babies.

-m- said...

what a cute little lady she is! and thank you for all ofyour kind words on my blog, you are the sweeeetest:)

sisterwendy said...

OMGosh, she is the cutest thing ever.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I love, love her headband! Do you think she'd let me borrow it sometime?

erynn said...

love her chunky little fingers!!! and way cute headband!