Tuesday, March 29

rock out!

right before ellie was born i let husband blast all of his crazy music as loud as he could, as long as he wanted. i figured it would be a while before he would have a chance to rock out like that for while, seeing as there would be a tiny (sensitive) baby in the house. 
it wasn't long after she was born that he felt like rocking out. he turned up the music (not deafening,  of course, but pretty loud). i figured it would make her cry, or at least startle her, but she didn't seem to mind it at all.

now she's older and "daddy's rock"* is very much a part of her life. she's been playing with daddy on her uncle's drum set (and her rhythm is pretty good, i might add). she's also been dancing and rocking out with daddy every chance she gets. if there is music on in his room, she's there. he has his "gym" in the garage and she can't stand being left out while he listens to his music and works out. she stands in the doorway and rocks out like crazy. 
last night i couldn't help but film it:

* while i enjoy much of daddy's music, there are some bands i still don't really "get" so much. he chalks it up to the six years age difference. i chalk it up to most of those bands sounding the same to me and the extremely repetitive lyrics. however, i grown to enjoy a few that i didn't really care about before we met - mainly pearl jam. enjoying pearl jam has less to do with being brainwashed by listening to it over and over and more to do with eddie vedder's soundtrack for "into the wild" really changing my mind about him.


David and Ann said...

David & Jonathan (yes, even from the womb) have jam sessions too- I've been persuaded that what I thought was moon walking is in fact Jonathan practicing his piano fingering- but they are still pretty tame to pearljam (chopin just isn't the same!)

Saimi said...

That girl not only found her groove but dang her thighs are amazing. I know I can't squat up and down like that!

Ash said...

(Miles loves Pearl Jam too, and I just can't get into it. It all sounds the same to me. Maybe I need to see Into the Wild so we can stop fighting about what music to listen to in the car.)

I love how she wobbles from side to side with the beat! Hopefully she'll still like this kind of music as she gets older so she won't listen to the next generation's Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga or whatever!

Anonymous said...

hehe i'm glad you filmed that. she is gonna have some great looking legs if she keeps those squats up!! rock on ellie!!