Monday, March 14


our trip was lovely. it was perfect timing - i felt like i needed to be with some of my people and i really did get to spend time with so many people i love.

we were able to celebrate life with lindsey, but i've told you all about that. 
(p.s. - check her blog. she's making some great progress in minnesota, so keep the positive energy and prayers comin'!)

ellie and i were also able to visit my sweet grandma in the hospital. she's been sick for a little while now and it seems that she is finally, slowly, getting better and better. 

we even saw some friends and old co-workers but, of course, we didn't have as much time to spend as we would have liked. we still packed every minute full of fun . . . which is probably why i came down with something during the flight home. pretty sure my body had enough of that nonsense and quit on me. 

as much as we loved visiting, we were so, so glad to be home. ellie hugged and kissed judge over and over. she inspected all her toys and slept peacefully in her bed. i was ready to get back into real life and our routines. as much as i hate to admit it, i really thrive when i have a daily grind. 

above all, we really missed daddy. it's hard to explain, but we're a package deal. we work as a team. it's like, missing half of my brain. we can function separately but we are so much better together.

all right, enough with the squishy hearts crap. 
we'll start round one of pictures, in which we visit the snow-capped mountains where i used to work, drink huckleberry soda, eat smore bars and explore like crazy.


Kristina P. said...

What gorgeous pics! I love Ellie's little yellow hat.

Saimi said...


-m- said...

ooohhh my word bradie. i could eat her up! it was so good to finally meet her:)

Madalyn said...

Did you say Huckleberry soda!?

Ash said...

Wow those photos are amazing. Did Ellie like the snow more this time?

(Also, I forgot to tell you at church on Sunday that I love your bangs! I get sensory overload at the ward.)

Anonymous said...

cool pictures, i'm sad i missed out on that trip. i know what you mean by the daily grind and feeling like you are missing have of you after so long without a husband. miss you already...

n.davis said...

aww, i love the pics!
i'm sad we missed you. we traveled down
south right when you got out to utah..
next time. ugh. haha.

your little girl is darling. she's
growing up so fast! just adorable!