Monday, March 28

gettin' nerdy.

while i was gone, the cheapo glasses i ordered from china or somewhere came in the mail. 
i was super excited to see if they worked and how they looked (for under $20 i wasn't expecting a whole lot but i definitely wouldn't spend the normal price on these nerdy gems). 

i'm loving my inner nerd. 
who'm i kidding? there's no "inner" about it - i'm just plain nerd.

oh, and someone else wanted in on the action. 

 p.s. - they do work! 


Ash said...

I love those glasses, especially with your bangs! I used to have a not nearly as cute version of those. They made me look like a prophet. And Ellie is a pretty adorable nerd.

Heather Lea Zweig said...

Between the bangs and the glasses I only have one word.....dreamboat.

Saimi said...

Hahaha you both look simply adorable!
And nerdy...just kidding!

Kristina P. said...

You are both adorable!

-m- said...

you look HOT! ha I wish i could pull those off

Kathleen said...

she's adorable!! tell me how you got the glasses! i am in desperate need of glasses and i really don't feel like spending the money.

erynn said...

those better not be prescription.