Friday, July 29

daring again.

 it's that time of year again. 

okay, so i have only done this once before but i feel totally awkward when i do things like this. i'm a rather private person on some accounts and i'm really not one to toot my own horn or draw attention to myself. part of me wishes i could just submit these and then let you know how it goes, or if it even "goes."

but here we go: toooot. tooooot. 

last year i entered 
(click to see their blog and read about the contest)
and i was a semifinalist, so i figured i'd try my hand at it again. 

the colors at the top have been on my mind lately, so my dresses all have them.
i'm not loving the colors i used on number 2, so i decided to include the unfinished drawings.  

(can you tell that i did these late at night after my tornado baby finally fell asleep?)

with this last one i like all the colors, but pink best of all. maybe having a little girl growing inside me makes me love pink more, i don't know. the last design is my favorite in general, too.

anyway, check out their blog for updates (but i'll be sure to let you know, too). 

and if you're in need of a beautiful dress, this one is one of my favorites.


We Three Zweigs said...

so cute!!! I loved your design last year and this year is obviously just as great. Goodluck!

Lindzena said...

Oh how adorable are those?? I love that sketching style, I want to do the same kind of thing in outfit designing. I love it. I hope you do well in the competition!

David and Ann said...

i LOVE the second one too- and the pink is perfect!! I would wear them all for sure though :D

pefblog said...

Of the three designs, I think the second design is the most original. I love everything about the dress, & I think that the design would be flattering to any figure. The inside panel fabric could really be alot of fun. The shoes could compliment the inside panel. I also the shoes should have heels.

I really admire your creativity & plan out spunkiness!!! Good luck on the competition!