Tuesday, July 19

dinosaur park on a stormy morning.

there is a lot of cranky boredom going on around here, caused by molars, toddlerhood and hot summer days (oh, and naughty, noisy birds living in our chimney - yeck!). we've been trying to get out of the house almost every day. we have a pass to the huge park nearby, so a couple of days ago we took off during the cool morning hours before the rain started.

can you think of a better place to play than a dinosaur tot lot? 
we took a very short walk around the boat docking area and ended up drenched with sweat in the humid air. a good day in the park always makes for a good nap, though.

(taking pictures was hard - as you can see by the quality. i had to wipe off the lens almost constantly because it fogged up in the humidity. any tips on how to keep that from happening?)


Kathleen said...

i have no idea how you can stand the humidity. it was very slightly humid here last night when i went on a walk.. it was nearly unbearable. i guess i'm too used to the desert air.

Michelle+Ellie said...

ooohh her boots are to die for! I wish we lived by each other so we could have Ellie playdates! Next time you're in town, it's a MUST

Rachelle said...

you are such a cute mom. love the pics

Heather Lea Zweig said...

I have a tip, don't live in such a humid state!

jokes! jokes!

In all seriousness that little girl is adorable and those boots! So cute!!!!

Ash said...

Oh I love her little boots! And holy cow it has been hot.

Madalyn said...

Oh my goodness! Miss Ellie is getting so dang big!

Tip: I'm not sure what it's called so you'll have to do a little searching but they have wipes for gun scopes and bino's for the hunter with hunmidity and fog conditions. Check out Cabelas.com and I'm sure you can find them.