Tuesday, July 5

freedom food.

pizza, waffles, hash browns, loaded baked potato soup, sausage, ham, eggs, queso ruffles, doritos, biscuits, watermelon, french onion dip, baked beans, potato salad, steaks, hot dogs, fruit salad...
oh! and apple pie, cherry rhubarb bars, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookie cake, and two kinds of ice cream with magic shell, oreos, reeses, m&ms, walnuts and caramel topping.

just listing off some of the food we've eaten over the long weekend and trying to decide if we hit most of the summertime classics along the way. all-in-all, i think it was a success.

fortunately/unfortunately, when any sort of holidays roll around i have a deep desire to make and eat lots of wonderful food. something about special food makes the whole day feel special. luckily, we have plenty of people willing to share our food (and share their food with us) and that's what really makes the food special. we were able to spend time with friends and family, although we didn't even get to see everyone we had planned on seeing.

the fourth of july has always been on par with (and sometimes bigger than) christmas for my family. it's the "high holidays" of the summer, the culmination and celebration of all the things we love most about good weather and fun and family and God and country and freedom. and food and fireworks, of course.
it's one holiday that doesn't need gifts, because just being able to live where we do and enjoy ourselves is good enough. 

here's to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

oh, and can you see those molars?!


Saimi said...

God Bless America, good food and cute little girls! Glad you had a wonderful 4th!!

Ash said...

Those bars you brought last night were so good! And the fruit salad! We were definitely stuffed from all that America last night.