Friday, July 15

five ways to tell that your baby is no longer a baby:

 (she is making the baby and dog kiss in the first picture, she is kissing the dog in the second picture - and kind of biting him.)

1. you pull a ball of grilled cheese sandwich out of her ear after lunch.

2. you ask her if she stopped playing and came out of her room because she has a poopy and she says "yeah." then she covers her bum and runs away.

3. you have to put her and her doll stroller in time out after she tries to stand in it for the hundredth time ("that's a no-no!").

4. she can point to her ears, mouth and eyes when asked. when it comes to her nose, she knows where it is ... but she somehow can't keep her finger out of it.

5. she hides behind a chair and quietly colors on the windowsill with a pen. when caught, her response is to giggle and run. in fact ... giggling and running is her response to most everything.

toddlerdom. ready or not, here we come.


Kristina P. said...

I actually quite like toddlers. They make me laugh.

Heather Lea Zweig said...

Toddlers-a whole new monster of cute.

Michelle+Ellie said...

gotta love it! ha good luck

Scaliwag said...

My beautiful sister and beautiful niece :) She's got the "Pill" we all had ;D

erynn said...

no way! she will be a baby forever. she can never grow up.

Nick and Emily said...

i love your look on life. even with the problems of toddlers you make it seem like it's going to be a fun new adventure. i wish you the best of luck but i'm sure you are going to be great. you are such a great mom.