Tuesday, August 2


i feel like i'm really behind on mentioning this, but ellie has become a little chatterbox. 

even just a few weeks ago we could hardly get her to talk. she would whisper and sing a little, but nothing much - especially in public. she didn't even really jabber. i remember someone asking me "you know how babies just scream to hear themselves make noise?" no, i didn't know. 

it used to be impossible to make her laugh, even. she would smile and sometimes do the silent giggle, but laughing out loud was rare. 

it has all happened so suddenly, but it feels like she has always been talking.

some of the things she says: 

"mama"  (finally.)
"baw" (ball)
"beebee" (baby)
"mee mee!" (usually "hungry" or "gimme")
"shet" (sit - yes, it's a good one)
"duhie" (judgie)
"eye" (exactly what it sounds like)
"dut" (duck)
"toyee" (story)

"byeeee! byeee!" and "buh-bye" 
(whenever we go anywhere or shut a door or walk away from someone or something, including toys)

"err eh-ee" ("where's ellie?")
"ear ahh" ("here are," which means "here i am")
"ehdoh?" ("where'd it go?")
"whydeh" ("right there")

oh, and her new favorite word (now that she has been in nursery):


i have to try not to laugh when she says it, not only because i'm surprised but because it sounds like she is saying "meow" with an "n." oh, it is so horrible and so cute.

she can say "pees" and "dando" (please and thank you), but she rarely does. 
i say to her: "can you say please?"
she replies: "yes."

oh dear. 

 oh, and sneak preview:

that's right. in other world news, daddy has been taking a vacation of sorts and we have a lot to catch up on - including a hike to the tallest peak in georgia, spending time with our first and only nephew and my early birthday present. woohoo! be looking for some posts later this week.


Tom and Juli said...

Oh how fun! I love the way little kids say words when they first learn them... and then it's kind of sad when they grow up and can say it correctly, you miss the way they used to say it, so enjoy it now!

We Three Zweigs said...

so cute!! I can picture her (most likely) adorable little voice trying to speak those words. There's nothing quite like the sound of a toddler voice--heart melting.

Ash said...

Aw I love when she says "Er eh-ee." She's so funny. We miss her!