Monday, August 29


well, saturday we hit the third trimester. that's right, 28 weeks down and twelve(ish) to go.
(by the way, can someone please explain to me how 40 weeks of gestation equals nine months of pregnancy? it just seems like a really unfair trick when you're the one that is bloated, fat and uncomfortable.)

i feel like poor little boo is getting gypped (hopefully there aren't any gypsies out there who read this blog and get offended). it seems like this pregnancy is flying by without a lot of fanfare and that is mostly because we have an ellie to entertain us and to keep us running (and i do mean that literally). i can't complain about the lack of excitement, because an uneventful pregnancy is never a bad thing. on the other hand, i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who has felt boo's little kicks so far. we're so excited to have her here and see what kind of little human we get, but when i'm trying to keep a rowdy 18-month-old from flinging herself out of a shopping cart i find that i'm doing a lot less baby-daydreaming than i did last time. 

boo, i'm sorry. we really do like you.

we just keep getting more and more personality from her. i think i mentioned that she did a complete flip during the 20 week ultrasound, right? at our appointment last week the nurse had a difficult time finding a heartbeat. we weren't concerned, though, because everyone could see her moving and she even kicked the wand with all her tiny might. whenever the nurse would get close and we'd get a few seconds of heartbeat, it would quickly fade away like a car passing on the highway. the nurse asked, "is she always like this?!" boo likes to wiggle, yes. ellie used to hold perfectly still until bedtime, then she'd give a few good kicks. it feels like boo is dancing ballet inside of me, sometimes pushing on so many different places that i start to think that there must be a second baby in there.

she has a crazy sweet tooth. i thought maybe she'd like the sour candies like i used to eat with ellie, but this girl likes it rich and sweet. i'm still eating golden grahams like crazy, along with any kind of chocolate i can get my hands on. she goes absolutely crazy when i drink diet root beer. we haven't been eating a lot of meat lately, but whenever i drive by a steakhouse or bbq place i can actually taste the food in my mouth. i'm getting to the point where i'm constantly hungry but, at the same time, i feel like there's no room for food inside me. it's one of the worst parts of being pregnant.

this pregnancy has been different in a lot of ways. i never really got swollen with ellie, but this time i'm swelling a little. i think the difference is the heat. the hot, hot heat. it's easy to keep from swelling in december and january, but august and september in the south? forget it. i'm also on my feet a lot more and that's a big contributor. i read somewhere that i should avoid any activity that keeps me from bending down past my knees at this point - ha! whoever said that didn't factor in a toddler. i think i spent more time bending down and squatting and sitting on the floor than i do standing. 

here we are. belly! and boobs. and bum. ugh. i'm not even kidding when i say that my pregnant behind is giving me nightmares. BUT! the frumpy mom bun hit the catwalk on three project runway models last week (one of them was a winner!), proving my theory even further that being frazzled and lazy is totally in right now.
(oh, and i cleaned my mirror since the last picture. nesting instincts are starting to kick in. unfortunately there isn't a whole lot i can do around here except scrub and scrub and rescrub.)

november will be here soon and it's going to be a big blur of baby and holidays and everything i love. i can't wait to see what color eyes she'll have, what her nose looks like... and can't wait to see ellie hold her and love her. last night she was giving my belly ("her sister") kisses. she doesn't even like to give kisses to daddy or me without some prodding. she's going to be a really great big sister (she just doesn't know it yet).


Michelle+Ellie said...

I can't believe you will have TWO little ones soon! thats so exciting! and you are one hot mommma.

Tom and Juli said...

You are adorable, I mean it.

I think it's super cute that Ellie wants to give the baby kisses, whenever I ask Clark to kiss my baby (which he used to do all the time a couple weeks ago) he lifts up his shirts and says "no... baby in there!" while he points to his stomach.

Oh and I'm jealous you like sweets, I can't stand them right now even though I really really want them, how does that even work?

erynn said...

oh you are so cute! can't believe you are so far along! i don't think i will ever get to that point. lol. but don't you worry, i think i've got enough of the baby day dreaming down for the both of us.

Ash said...

I can't wait to see Ellie give her sister kisses. I hope it will be like last Christmas with the dolly. We're so excited to meet this new babe!