Saturday, August 20

it's nine o'clock on a saturday...

okay, so it isn't really. but it is saturday.

after 18 months, i still don't know what to do with myself when everyone (even the dog!) is taking a nap. i could try to sleep, too, but everyone knows that something always happens when moms try to nap. the world collapses.

so, while they sleep, here are a couple of mish-mashed thoughts, since i have been a terrible blogger this week.


i've been feeling pretty fashion-forward lately, as my favorite "frumpy mom" hairdo has been pinned on pinterest as something hip and fresh. seriously, my hair looks like this (at least) 5/7 days of the week.

other people:


(p.s. - are you pinning? are we friends on pinterest? you will notice that most of my pins are about sugary sweets, naturally.)


i have a new phone, so i have a new way to take pictures and video of a little girl at random. 


ellie leaving the house yesterday. she accessoried by herself, as usual. 
i was trying to catch her saying "no/neow" but she said "fries" instead.

i can also catch myself being a bad human. 
why yes, i can make anything healthy into something totally unhealthy!
my breakfast: greek yogurt. 
with bananas. 
and nutella. 


and that is a little of what we've been up to. riveting stuff, i know. 


We Three Zweigs said...

I always knew there was something superbly fashion forward about you. Now I know, it was the top knot.

erynn said...

i think ellie, grandpa brad, and i need to go on a little french fry date to mcdonalds. that is all i've been wanting to eat lately.

Saimi said...

Ooooo, I'm likin' your breakfast idea....but I also on board with Ellie in the fries department!

Scaliwag said...

I have THE CUTEST sister and niece you both are such amazing trend setters

Ash said...

Fries! And shoot, your hair always looks good. It's so shiny.