Thursday, August 11

25 little things i love.

so it's a quarter of a century for me tomorrow. yeah, i know, it's no big deal to some. 
let me just tell you that it is positively ancient to the kids i know. upon discussing ages, a friend mentioned she was turning thirty and one of the kids said "my grandma just turned ninety!" as if it was pretty much the same thing.

for some reason, i feel like i want more this birthday. more celebrating, more introspection, more gratitude, more "hello! it's my birthday!' than ever before.
i think being a mom has made me try to take as many of the "me!" moments as i can get, since most of the time it is "who needs what first?"

today i want to let you in on a list of the little things i've had on my mind lately, because the little things are what make up life.

25 little things i love:

1. perfectly toasted toast with perfectly melting butter.
2. clean, cool sheets after a long, hot day.
3. the way my wedding band fits on my finger like air.
4. finding the perfect music on a road trip.
5. having a conversation with my baby and forgetting how strange i must sound to other people.
6. organizing the food on my plate by how much i like it and taking the best bite last.
7. the way ellie shushes: with her finger up one nostril instead of on her lips. "ttthhhh! tyte!" (shhh! quiet!)
8. putting chocolate chips or marshmallows on my cold cereal, even if it is already sugary.
9. watching "murders" with husband and snuggling.
10. finishing a good book.
11. a truly flattering outfit.
12. listening to an interesting news story like this one
13. "taste-testing" baked goods. (then tasting more, just to be sure.)
14. getting at least one room in the house completely clean.
15. morning light.
16. touching feet with a husband (but touching feet with anybody else - not so much).
17. having an exact grocery list and remembering to get everything on it.
18. quiet and beautiful public places, like museums and libraries.
19. baby giggles.
20. that once-in-a-blue-moon moment when my hair looks exactly the way i wanted it to look.
21. a good conversation.
22. being able to really help someone.
23. sweater/scarf/boot weather.
24. naptime (!!!!).
25. feeling both old and young at the same time.

of course, there are so many more things. these were just on my mind today.

another thing i love, but also makes me the tiniest bit sad:

watching my daughter grow up.
and walk around in my shoes and jewelry.
and seeing how happy she is.

more tomorrow.


Kristina P. said...

Happy early birthday!

We Three Zweigs said...

What a sweet post. Happy early birthday from us as well!

Ash said...

I love all the things on this list except for touching feet. Miles tries to put his feet on my feet while he sleeps and it makes me want to ralph.

And 25 is a big deal! Happy birthday tomorrow!

(Also I can't believe how many teeth Ellie has!)

David and Ann said...

hahaha ash, miles has exceptionally nasty man feet! happy early birthday from us too- enjoy every momment :D

Saimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you tomorrow!! Man you're just a couple of months older than my son...Now I feel old!

Scaliwag said...

OH what a little model I LOVE HER!!
c; she gets her fashions sense from her auntie hahah

Rachelle said...

happy early day-of-birth!! you know how i love lists... love it!

erynn said...

that is a wonderful list of favorites. i also can't believe how many teeth ellie has. love you guys and happy birthday tomorrow!!

p.s. i think you need to visit soon or just move closer to home.

pefblog said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have the happiest of days.

Michelle+Ellie said...

happy birthday!! Ellie is such a cutie. My Ellie and your Ellie would have a ball playing together with jewelry and shoes. ha

VanillaBerry said...

what a cute smile she has :) adorable!