Friday, August 5

movin' on up...

how rude of me!
i haven't introduced you to my new best friend.
her name is mabel and she's mine.

she's an early birthday present from my whole family.
she's my new "kitchen maid."
she's totally professional.
she's definitely a step up from the six-dollar handheld mixer that only has one working beater.

in the first four days that she was in my kitchen she helped me make
the fluffiest peanut butter frosting
and my first (ever!) loaves of crusty, soft yummy white bread.
the bread was so good i went so far as to make 100% whole grain bread with honey and it is amazing.
oh, and don't forget the gooey caramel creme brownies.

now that i know i can make bread without screwing it up (pretty sure the dough hook is the key, because my pizza dough attempts have been miserable), i think i'm ready to start making some for other people to try.

boy, do i like mabel. 
thank you to all my family, for trusting me with your tastebuds. you won't be sorry.

wait? who ate half the pan of brownies? i guess it was the baby.

speaking of babies, just a quick update:

baby boo is doing well. she is kicking me nearly senseless. 
she really loves red meat. ribs, steak, burgers - you name it and i want it. i could eat ribs every single day. twice. mmm, and steak for breakfast. 
she loves sweets, especially chocolate. i've been downing golden grahams like crazy.
she also loves when i drink diet rootbeer. 

pretty sure we're going to have double trouble around here. 
this new little boo has such a big personality already.


Saimi said...

Holy Moly that baby cakes has a big appetite good thing you have your kitchen maid!!

Kristina P. said...

You will love it!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

It's a good thing you can't see me right now, cause I'm pretty sure I'm actually green with envy.

Kathleen said...

i absolutely love my kitchen aid and i'm so glad that you got one! i would love your bread recipes. homemade bread is the best! happy early birthday!!

erynn said...

yay!!! you got your kitchen aid! i wish i lived closer so you could make me yummy things... i mean teach me how to make yummy things. Nate's grandma just gave me her old mixer. it isn't a kitchen aid and not quite as pretty as yours but i'm gonna learn how to use it, someday i hope!!

Ash said...

Hmm those brownies look delicious. I have a feeling Thanksgiving will have some extra good desserts this year.

pefblog said...

We are all looking forward to Christmas!!!!! Visions of sugarplums are dancing in my head!