Monday, August 15

25 goals.

birthday goals.

i realize that some of these goals are much more measurable than others.
some of them will require very specific actions to complete.
others will be more a constant, conscious effort to do things differently.

1. eat at least one green, leafyish thing per day.
2. be better at realizing when i'm in a "technology loop" and getting out of it immediately!
3. make better breakfasts for myself and for ellie.
4. finish at least one book a month (but let's shoot for two).
5. finally sew that bathrobe for myself before the baby comes.
6. make a quilt for baby boo.
7. print off more pictures and get a good start on an ellie book and a family book.
8. get organized with the bills and budget. 
9. get out of bed earlier (i want to say that i'll wake up at 4:45 with the husband but we all know that isn't happening). 
10. make more dates happen (we've been on like, two real dates since ellie was born).
11. participate in some kind of organized walk/run. i'm not committing to running, though.
12. spend more time reading with ellie (she likes to "read" to herself, but i need to read to her more).
13. drink more water. i go through phases where i drink a lot and then i don't. back to being a fish.
14. take the little family on at least three awesome, memory-making adventures.
15. pare down my closet and start only buying the things i really want/need (example: the perfect black jeans), not just what's on sale or cute at the time.
16. lose the baby weight (that would be by my next birthday, but within four months would be ideal).
17. eat more dinners at the table.
18. get back into keeping a real journal.
19.  reduce the sugar intake. bake healthier.
20. keep some plants alive.
21. do another money experiment like the one we did last year (where we only spent $100 for the whole week).
22. potty train ellie. eek.
23. keep my room cleaner, make my bed, etc. (somehow my room is the worst in the house, no matter how hard i try to keep ellie out).
24. be better about keeping in touch without the internet.
25. say and show my love and appreciation as often as possible.

i have some other, more personal goals to work on as well.
we'll see how this goes. i'm pretty bad with specific goals.
general goals - eh, sometimes.


Saimi said...

You girls are cracking me up!! Love those faces and good luck with your goals!

We Three Zweigs said...

Getting out of bed early is totally overrated ;)

Good luck on the rest of your goals though and happy late birthday!

O'Connor Famiglia said...

Those are some good goals- I have a a few I need to work on as well...*sigh...good luck though! I usually only follow through with maybe 1/3 of the goals I made- and that's if I'm lucky!

Cap said...

As for 7 and 18, Blogger will put together a book of your whole blog for you... I don't know it that counts... But for me... I count it. Haha.

erynn said...

good for you!! i should evaluate a few goal making choices for myself. you two are way cute... can't wait to see how adorable the next one is :)

Ash said...

I love Ellie's facial expressions. Especially where she's blowing a kiss. She looks shocked.

I definitely need to accomplish some of these goals as well. Particularly the technology loop.

(p.s. You know a place full of adventure? Augusta... Okay, not really, that's a lie.)

n.davis said...

Love all of these! You are awesome! And I love those pictures, Ellie is so stinkin cute.