Thursday, November 25

thanks: part three, what's important.

happy thanksgiving!

we culminate this series with the big three important things to me, folks*.
the real "thankfulfors"


if you're living without these things, you aren't really living.

oh, and some pictures of my favorite little creatures wearing silly hats. as promised last year.

* i feel like saying "folks" a lot lately. it is totally inexplicable, just like the phase i went through when i couldn't stop pretending my fingers were six-shooters and i waggled them in front of my chest at people. bizarre, right?


We Three Zweigs said...

I'm thankful for the silly hats, definitely--nothing cuter than a baby in a silly hat and then you go adding a dog into the mix--crazy cute.

-m- said...

oh my GOSH. that is the cutest picture i have ever seen!!!

Kristina P. said...

It's a good think the Pilgrims didn't eat babies! They would have a feast with her! She's so cute!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saimi said...

Good to know the Beagle doesn't eat Turkeys!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just SO said...

I love these pictures! Such a cute little Indian princess and Judge's expression is cracking me up.