Tuesday, November 30

thanksgiving wrap-up.

the posting has been sparse lately, mostly because i have a lot of new things going on -- the main new thing being baby godzilla, my crazy walking little girl. she gets better and better every day and i love it, but i also spend even more time babyproofing, kissing boo-boos and saying "no! don't eat that!"

i'm hoping to get more in, but, with christmas fast approaching, i can't make any promises. 

here are some random, funny pictures from our holiday week:

centerpiece, complete with fall leaves that ellie and i collected. 

ellie's first thanksgiving dinner. she loves sweet potatoes, she loves marshmallows - so she was in heaven when she tasted them together. heaven. she looks mad in the pictures because i stopped giving her food. 

daddy gave ellie her first tattoos. alien! 

we had a pretty awesome weekend with food and fun and fires in the fireplace. now we're getting ready for christmas, but i'm not sure it can top thanksgiving for ellie. i've never seen her more excited about dinner, being able to eat all those yummy things. presents might be better than food . . . or i could just make even more yummy things for christmas. i can't wait.


Kristina P. said...

She looks like she had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Mr Lonely said...

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n.davis said...

love it!!!

oh and i LOVE the pics of her with the dog.
dressed up in their thanksgiving get-up. haha.
SO cute.

Anonymous said...

cute center pieces!!! and cute baby godzilla!