Wednesday, November 3

off my chest.

there are some random, petty grievances i feel like airing. why? not sure. i rarely get negative on the blog. you can skip this post altogether if you don't want to hear it. i promise, these gripes are random and they are petty.

first of all, what's with bathroom reading material? i'm sorry if you're into reading on the pot but i am so not. relieving myself isn't some sort of leisurely activity, like sunbathing or riding on a subway. it's definitely no place to enjoy actual literature. i literally like to "do my business" - i get in, i get out, i get on my way. (let's not even mention the fact that there is usually a screaming infant scratching at the door. okay. let's do.) i don't like to spend more time in there than i have to and i really don't like to know that you like to spend your time in there, either. i mean, how many times has that book been sprayed with flush? my husband is a fan of hanging out in the can and this annoyance is on my mind because, no matter how many magazines i remove from the bathroom, there is always a new one the next day.
and today, i was zipping up and saw this dude staring at me from a magazine cover:

i mean, gross! come on! let me pee in peace!

i have a really hard time when i see kids that are dressed more stylishly than i am. it's really depressing. i'm not talking about kids being cute or well-dressed. i'm talking about when i wish i have a five-year-old's entire wardrobe.
this is much rarer than it sounds, by the way. it also has to do with the fact that i have a sense of style but i feel that i am unable to really show it. i wear what i have and throw in the occasional cute thing here or there. i feel that, for the past couple of years, i haven't really been able to represent my style the way i would like in fashion or in decor. i mean, how many different ways can i try to wear the same few items? it's mostly the money. maybe that's the depressing part? that these kids have more money than me? i know about being cheap and frugal and i don't have expensive tastes. i just lack the resources at the moment. anyway, someday, i will be able to more freely express my personal style.

also, am i the only woman in america who doesn't have a kitchen-aid stand mixer?! because i was blog stalking today and i saw a woman who had not one, but two and i nearly cried. i had to step away from the internet for a while while the green monster inside me took over. i let myself be overcome with the memory of leaving my meager, but beloved furniture collection behind in utah. i let myself feel sad about the reality that it may be decades before i get to pick out furnishings i love again.

then i shook myself up and got back to keeping ellie out of the dog food and helping her with her new experiment: trying to see how long she can stand without help. i know! what?!

that's what really matters and that's what i focus on most of the time: my little eleanor growing up fast, standing by herself and getting ready to take some tiny, shaky steps.
but i'm allowed to get things off my chest every few thousand words, right? 


Tom and Juli said...

haha Bradie you're cute. I know how you feel about the clothes thing, I have a really cute sense of style, but no money to support it. My wardrobe budget went from barely nothing to absolutely nothing when we moved here.

Oh and I don't have a kitchen mixer. I also don't have a decent knife set... 85% of the knives are broken. So I totally get how you feel there!

Kristina P. said...

My husband has a year's worth of reading materal in the bathroom.

And I NEED that little girl's wardrobe.

sisterwendy said...

LOL! What a great post! You made my day :) feel free to vent anytime, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. (sorry your grievances are humorous :) And I agree, the little girls clothes are awesome! I wish I had her sense of style :) I'm proud of you for having your priorities in the right place. xoxoxoxo

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I've never put reading material in the bathroom, it's just too weird.

I always feel like a bad parents when I read blogs where they are showing off the latest cute outfit they got for their kid, or the latest cute thing the made. I don't sew and my children have only ever lived in hand-me-downs or Walmart clearance.

Same goes for me.

I do NOT own a kitchen aid. My hand mixer is over seven years old and the insides, where the beaters are suppose to click into, are stripped. So whenever I'm mixing something, I have to be careful not to lift up or the beaters fall out of the mixer.

It's awesome.

Not. :D

Saimi said...

Are we twin sisters just years apart? I am so with you on the whole pot thing. Who has time to sit and read when there's business to take care of! Sheez!

I am NOT a fashion dresser nor do I know how. Besides don't kids grow too fast to by fancy clothes?

And once again my twin, I do not have a kitchen aid.
So there you have it! And one more thing, you know I love Beagles. I really do think we are related!

pefblog said...

#&*?! straight!!! Let's get to work on the wardrobe thing. I'd love to sew for you. I'm getting ready to make some maternity clothes for Bear. I used to have my own sewing business called Paula's Pretty Things. I made the model dresses that hang in the large sewing chain stores. You are as pretty as a model. Let's see if we can't dress you like one.

Madalyn said...


Ash said...

Miles does the same thing, except instead of magazines, I find novels. Usually something that C.S. Lewis has written. Yesterday it was Angela's Ashes. I don't get it.
As for the KitchenAid, do you read the pioneer woman? Because she is always giving one of those away.

e louise said...

i think your venting is very similar to every woman's venting. (although i am proud to say nate has never taken reading material in the bathroom). as for the cute clothes and the kitchen aid mixer? i too am lacking both!

Just SO said...

I, too, am without a kitchen aid stand mixer. *sigh* I keep trying to win one off of the Pioneer Woman but it never happens. Boo.

And Ellie can't be doing that! No way.

Btw I love your sense of style. I wish I had one.

Oh and I read in the bathroom but not very often.

Brynn said...

LOVE. no really, LOVE.
you should vent more, you are a very positive venter and make you me shound like a negative wench when i do (which is fine with me) ;)

Mary Ann said...

I confess- I do not own a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I used to really be annoyed at this fact and how expensive they are, but the reality is, you can make anything with a normal hand mixer and it is just as much fun.
There- I confessed- now you know!
And, you have a super cute wardrobe, btw. You always look really stylish.

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

You make me laugh! I don't have a kitchen aid mixer either and I always feel deprived too!!!! Miss you