Thursday, November 18

thanks: part two, medium stuff.

next week's the big turkey/tofurkey day. people keep talking about putting up trees and i keep thinking that it is still so early, but thanksgiving is one week away. one week before thanksgiving isn't all that early.
presenting part two of my thankful little series, all about the medium stuff.

things like

health insurance
money to buy the things i need
a comfortable home
a roof that doesn't leak (uh, doesn't leak very often)
my warm bed (and three warm bodies who enjoy cuddling in it with me)
the ability to read and write
our ultra-reliable (knock on wood) ford focus
husband's job and great schedule
a body that is healthy and strong almost all the time
a healthy baby and husband (and dog, too)
my talents/skills/etc, no matter how limited or unrefined
holidays and special times
delicious food
beautiful, free country
nice clothes to wear (even if they aren't always the most stylish)(wink)
ability to communicate easily with those near and far
my mind, memories and education
modern day appliances
constant opportunities for love and laughter in my life

including this moment, in which ellie stopped playing to take a breather . . .
then picked right back up where she left off.

and all those other things that i enjoy that a lot of people in this world may not enjoy.
you know, the things you never want to have to learn to live without.


pefblog said...

the world's a brighter place b/c of you

Saimi said...

Love your lists and Ellie's cute face!!

e louise said...

i love reading "grateful" posts. they always remind me of all the things i have and are grateful for. especially my niece!

Just SO said...

I think next year this should be my goal instead of a post a day of thankful stuff. I've done pretty poorly on that.

Love Ellie's grin!

Lady Fromage said...

What a great list of things to be thankful for! I'd be thankful for that darling little face every morning! awww!

sisterwendy said...

I love what you are thankful for, what is important to you. You got your priorities straight :) and I love your Ellie's big blue eyes!