Monday, November 15


i'm not sure why we say babies are starting "solids" when we start spooning them pureed food. we should say they are starting "mush" instead. along with her desire to start walking to show us how grown up she can be (see previous post), ellie wants to feed herself, too. 

when i'm eating, she wants bites. bites of anything. so lately i've been making tiny, chopped up versions of our meals. the other night she had noodles and meatballs . . . and loved it. she likes chunks of bananas, sweet potatoes and, most recently, we discovered her love for beans. i still sneak in spoonfuls of baby food while she's distracted by her chunks. 

the other night, after her beans, she got a little treat. 

needless to say, she's just like her mommy when it comes to dessert.

(who needs dinner?!)


Kristina P. said...

She looks like she thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tom and Juli said...

Ahh the transition between purees and table foods, I have a hate-love relationship with that particular transition.

n.davis said...

oh my gosh! my heart just melted....i think this is the cutest! I love when they are all covered in food, and just SO pleased with themselves. SO so so so sweet!

Saimi said...

That last picture is a crack up! That's how I feel about chocolate too!

It doesn't surprise me that she loves beans...After all she's been your little Ellie Bean for some time now, she's just living up to her name!

e louise said...

hehehe where on earth did she get her blonde hair and blue eyes from?? she is so stinkin' cute!