Thursday, November 4

baby benjamin franklin.

why is my child obsessed with electricity?
she doesn't want to drag around a security blanket, she wants to drag around the vacuum cord and plug.
funny thing is, she hates the vacuum when it is on. when it is off, she inspects every inch of it.

if she spots anything electronic in a room, it's the first thing she attacks.

so much for babyproofing. she can get the little plug protectors out already.
isn't this a little advanced . . .  even for my genius?

next thing you know, she'll be out there with a kite and a key.


Kristina P. said...

I bet she'll be developing a time machine before you know it.

Just SO said...

Dang! She can get those suckers out? Most of the time I had to get a knife to pry them out. Safe I know.

They do have the bigger box like covers where you take the plate off and then you can plug things in and it covers the plugged in part. Let me see if I can find a picture of them. I'm pretty sure Wally World or Target would sell them.

Scaliwag said...

Bean is getting more and more beautiful everyday!
OH and guess what! (you probably already knew this)
Kurt Cobain's daughter Fracas' middle name is Bean.
You and James are some AWESOME parents ;D

Saimi said...

I'm sure the Beagle put her up to it! I love the picture of him in the background keeping a low profile!

She is a smart one!!

Madalyn said...

That's pretty dang good because I can't can't even get those plugs out! I'm starting to think that they are just Madalyn proof.