Monday, November 1


so we didn't end up having fowler fall fest this weekend after all. we had a quiet little weekend with zero trick-or-treaters, just the right amount of zombie-watching and way too much candy-eating.

here's one more cute picture of my red:

and a couple of pictures i took while driving through our neighborhood, trying to capture what autumn looks like around here. i was only able to catch about 10% of the beauty in the pictures. 



Just SO said...

She really is the cutest Red ever. And beautiful fall colors!

pefblog said...

Ellie look beautiful in red. Sorry about Fowler Fall festival. I spent most of the weekend sleeping. I'm hoping to not be completely better by Friday. I still sound like a frog.

Nick and Emily said...

She totally is the cutest red! I love that pic. It needs to be in a magazine. what a sweetheart.