Saturday, February 20

Zero Day.

To my beautiful daughter, on her due date:
Olly olly oxen free!
But seriously, come on out.
I'm getting really tired of this game.

Love always,
Your Very Patient Mother

You may have noticed that the baby countdown says 0.
You may have also noticed that there is no baby.

Well, the latest report is that I am no further in progression than I was two weeks ago. On Thursday I saw the midwife and got another appointment - the dreaded "41 weeks" visit.

As we were walking out the door, she cheerfully said "I really don't think I'll be seeing you here next week, though."

Later, in the car, husband said, "She said she didn't think you'd be coming back next week!"
I said, "Of course she didn't. Do you think she has a death wish? She sees pregnant women all day, every day. There is no way she's going to tell me that I'm for sure going to be here next week. She knows better than that."

At least I'm not feeling it physically. A friend of mine has been to the hospital several times this past week and just keeps having to go home and wait . . . in extreme pain. I'm just sitting around the house, a nervous wreck, afraid to answer the phone and tell whoeveritis that I'm still as pregnant as ever because I'll likely start to cry. Severe emotional distress doesn't hold a candle to days and days of unproductive contractions.

I did try to make myself feel better by reminding myself that the first due date I had was for February 26th . . . yeah, it didn't work.

The good news is this: there is an official end date in sight. If I do make it until next Thursday, they'll have me go in for induction early Friday morning. Despite the fun I'm having pacing around the house day and night, it's nice to know that it is almost over - one way or another.

If I do have to go back next week, do you think there's a chance I won't have to have my weight checked? That's the part I really can't take again. I'd rather not know what a week of anxiously eating M&Ms weighs.


{davis family} said...

I know EXACTLY how that feels. You're lucky, try waiting 3 weeks. I thought I was going to kill someone. She's almost here, and just a little nice fact to think about..I heard that when babies are later they sleep better and longer. {still sleep this whole next week, as much as you can} but it's nice to know your little girl is cooking up a little longer so she can think about sleeping a looong time for you at night. ;)
love ya, and hang in there! that last week goes by to fast, it's something i took for granted!

Anonymous said...

hehe silly little niece of mine. she is just waiting for her auntie erynn to arrive before she comes out!!

Tom and Juli said...

Ugghhhh! Every time I see that you wrote a new blog I get all stoked thinking you had the baby! I'm so sorry she hasn't come yet. I remember crying when I woke up every morning when I was pregnant with Arvilla because I was STILL pregnant.

Hang in there... I'm pretty sure M&M's are just as good as spicy foods, sex, and walking when it comes to inducing labor.... in fact I'm pretty sure they work better!!

Jay and Jo Ellen said...

Love your entries so much! Just keep them coming! This latest one was "delicious, delicious" and not just the M&Ms! It motivated me to finally get a Google account so I could respond back. You put into words what "Mommas" have felt for centuries (probably back to Eve!). No matter how old we are or how long it's been, we're all saying the same thing, "I remember when!!" Love you darlin! We'll be awaiting the news of our baby great-grandgirl's "grand" debut. And, cheering you on!
Go Braids!

Wonder Woman said...

Hang in there!!!! Try a day of running errands, or having a big party. A little "love time" with husband often gets the ball rolling, too.

I wondered if you'd had her yet, too, but wasn't about to ask. :o)

Madalyn said...