Wednesday, February 17

Does anybody out there actually think . . .

. . . that I would have a baby and just NOT MENTION IT?

"Did I what? Give birth? Oh yeah, that."

Um, really?

Let's quit with the
"So, no baby?"
"I see you're still pregnant."
"Any news?"

Believe me. If I had just gone through the most intense physical and emotional experience of my life, you'd know.

She's not even late (yet).

Also, I haven't somehow forgotten that there is still a baby in my belly.
I only notice every time I breathe.
You can stop reminding me.

(This is not addressed to anyone in particular and I think I'm allowed at least one outburst as a pregnant woman, right?)

Okay, now that the emotions have run rampant,
this is what I look like:

Well, at least that's what I looked like four days ago. I'm bigger than that now. So what if I'm probably wearing that same outfit?

On a happier note, husband has recently decided to play blog. He says it is the perfect "man blog" and I agree. It's still in the opening stages, of course, but feel free to check out Microwave Jackson. Oh, and the trailer might be a little graphic and probably contains some strong language. It's a war thing.


Scaliwag said...

awh your so cute!
just so you know pams funeral was so exquisate.
everyone and i mean everyone was there.
we missed you greately but we know that pams with you guys as well.
hang in there youre almost done :D

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

You know, I always hated when people told me I look cute. I would think are myself? Seriously? You think a walrus is cute!?
But that's just me.
Your belly does look cute. =)
O remember getting so big with my first baby that 3 weeks before she was due I had people asking me if I was overdue!
I could have shot them on the spot.

Sunny Brynn said...

ONE DAY LEFT!! I'm SO excited for you! Can't wait to meet this little girl!

Just SO said...

So exciting!!! I can't wait to see pictures of that little one....outside of your belly.