Sunday, February 7

A couple of thoughts (and photos).


I might be really bad at discipline. Right now I'm keeping Judge in doggie time out and it's way more annoying for me than it is for him. Also, how do I keep from smiling/laughing/giggling/tittering when I'm trying to set a child straight?! Oh dear, I'm feeling like a failure already.


I am becoming a real "mom" in some ways, such as washing out every empty container to reuse later. Then again, I'm really becoming my dad when I do that stuff. I haven't started saving cardboard or tin cans, though. Still (mostly) normal.

I don't have a doppelganger, Facebook. People always tell me I look like celebrities but none of them are ever the same one. I've gotten Winona Ryder, Melissa Joan Hart, Bjork - all over the map. One time, in Vegas, a drunk guy asked me to pose in a picture with him because he thought I was on America's Next Top Model. (I know. Those must have been some strong drinks). That doesn't count as a doppelganger, though.


So far, this is the only picture that even remotely captures the lopsided belly. It's hard to show a skiwampus bump in two dimensions. She's all lumped up on the left side of the picture. Can you even tell? Maybe I'm the only one who can see it because I know where to look.

I think I waste a lot of gas. Okay, I know I do. I will drive much farther out of the way to go to the "other" grocery store or the "other" WalMart. It isn't for lower prices or anything like that. It is for the less crowded parking lots or because it is "the one that still has self-checkout" or maybe I just like the layout better. That is so not green.


What would you do if you had this face staring at you every time you ate anything? Could you watch his sad eyes follow each bite from your plate to your mouth and not want to give him some? Doesn't he look like he is patiently starving?

Okay, last thought, I promise:
I really should have taken a Sunday nap today. My brain might still be working and I would have saved everyone from this ridiculousness!


Rachael Thomas said...

I don't have a doppelganger on Facebook either. I've been told I look like Ville Valo.... so.... yeah... Judge is a very cute dog, and I too drive to the "better" stores, it drives Taylor crazy.

Just SO said...

Uh...I've started saving tin cans. Hmmmmmm.....

And I can totally see the lopsided cute belly!

Oh and I've never been told I look like anyone I have no doppleganger.

Madalyn said...

I love that blueish color of shirt that you are wearing! Way cute! I loved all the pictures and the thoughts.... I agree with your first thought, about how it will be hard to disipline. CJ and I always have to turn our head to laugh at the things Drake does when we say no to him. Kids are just too funny.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I laughed. Through the whole post. That was awesome.