Wednesday, February 3

POV and Looking Forward.

Here's a look from my current point-of-view:

Here's me, wearing the same shirt just a little under a year ago:

It's hard to capture it in a picture, but my belly is really lopsided today. She has her back all squashed up on one side and I literally can't sit straight. I'm going to be 38 weeks tomorrow. Don't worry, we still have a lot of things to keep us busy if she decides to camp out in there for a while.

I am looking forward to a few things, though.

1 - Bending over.
2 - Laying flat on my back and still being able to breathe.
3 - Possibly drinking a giant Juiced Rockstar.
4 - Wearing regular clothes.
5 - Having enough strength to open jars and enough energy to vacuum one room without getting winded.
6 - Eating without getting heartburn (hopefully).
7 - Stretching my back really, really well.
8 - Sleeping or reading in whatever position I want.
9 - Getting out of bed or a soft chair in just one movement (instead of a whole two minutes worth of repositioning).

10 - Having a cute baby instead of constant kicks in the ribcage!

Things I'm not looking forward to:
The return of my period, feeling even more emotionally-wrecked than I already do and trying to keep Judge from eating all the dirty diapers.


Just SO said...

Did you get a Diaper Genie? That should solve the problem with Judge. I would think.

And your belly is cute but that baby will be cuter!

Tom and Juli said...

38 weeks!!!! Don't worry Bradie, even though recovering from a birth is no fun, it SO much better than being pregnant... at least I think so!! Especially since you'll have a little baby to distract you from it all.

Brynn said...

I'm sooooo excited for you!! Are you planning on breastfeeding cause I did and my capital P didn't return for... 9 months I think?? Quite nice. I think we should do weight quesstimations for baby fowler...
my guess in 7lb.2ou... but that IS subject to change.

ps. totally forgot about dave's AMAZING mop jobs at sundance!! Good times... rather, good mornings!! :)

I'm Erin said...

I love that picture! it is so cute and you look adorable! your baby will be so so so beautiful

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, what a cute picture!! I totally love it.
But you stating all those things about being pregnant makes me cringe. I never did care for pregnancy. I voted for the stork. But no one listened.
P.S. I responded to your sweet tooth comment.
Circus peanuts. (shudder)

wonder woman said...

Oh, goodness, I am looking forward to all of those things, too. I can breathe when on my back (only in bed) but I feel like my innards are getting squashed! And stretching my back, bending over without getting a Braxton-Hicks...that'll be great!

The return of the period won't be great -- you're right. I'm also not looking forward to the 4-6 weeks of bleeding post-partum. (TMI? Sorry. I wasn't quite ready for it the first time and just don't want you to be shocked. Stock up on old lady over night pads. The biggest you can get. Take some to the hospital.)

But you are SO CLOSE!!!!