Sunday, February 14

Gettin' all spiritual and stuff.

Today in church, the teacher asked us:
"What are some benefits that come from being a member of the church?"
To which I responded immediately (and only loud enough for husband to hear):
"Dinners. Yummy dinners."
Of course, at the same time someone else said something like:
"Peace and eternal life."
Husband shook his head and told me I needed to get my thoughts on that level.

I don't take it back. Dinners from the Relief Society might just be my favorite benefit of membership. I know husband feels the same way. He asked me just the other day if we could call up a sister in the ward and tell her weren't doing very well. He wants more delicious pot roast.

Also, there is a ward social the same day the baby is due. If she isn't here, I'll be there getting my fill of southern cooking. There's a macaroni and cheese contest and everything.

See what I mean? Dinner wins.

On a somewhat related note:
If anybody wants to make a very selfish little prayer for me, you can pray that I have another Valentine to love by the end of the night.
Or I can wait another . . . however long until she decides to get here. Blah.

(If you want some pictures, see my previous post.)


Rachael Thomas said...

Consider prayers said. :) Good luck! Happy Valentines day!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I just got called to Young Women's yesterday and the teacher brought cookies!
I thought, "Score! Y.W. is the place to be!!"

Just SO said...

I'm going with you on this one. The dinners are the best part.