Sunday, February 14

Snow 2010.

Here are some pictures from our little storm:

When it first started snowing, Judge barked at the snowflakes.
He wasn't quite sure what was going on.

Just before it got too dark, we let Judge out to play.
At first he wasn't too excited. In fact, he looks pretty mad at me for making him go out.

Then he started to remember . . .

And then he was in LOVE. Notice tail-waggin' blur.
He remembered that snow is way more fun than rain!

The next morning: trails crisscross the yard. Happy explorer.

I thought about making a snow angel, but decided against it.
I'd still probably be stuck out in the yard with a snow-capped belly if I'd tried.

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Rachael Thomas said...

Aw! We had a bunch of snow, but it's almost all melted now. I laughed when I read the snow angel part.