Friday, February 5

Rainy Day.

When it rains, our yard turns into one gigantic puddle. Sometimes there is even a small river that flows right through the middle of it. (It is really hard to take a good picture of this without getting extremely wet and cold). I keep a towel by the door for Judge. When he comes inside, I have to rub him down and wipe his muddy paws. If I don't, I will find a muddy trail on my bedspread. That trail always leads straight to a nest in the middle of our pillows.

Sometimes I think that Judge has been training for children. I'm sure he's much quieter and less demanding, but I'm already used to cleaning up bodily fluids and figuring out which little dances mean "potty" and which looks mean "hungry." I'm also used to toys being scattered all over the house. Husband and I are even pretty good at working together on discipline issues. We're definitely not pros (guess who crawls into bed with us every night?) but I'm sure that the practice hasn't hurt.

Anyway, it is raining today. A lot. It's a good thing Judge had a really nice day before the rain started. He had a long walk, played outside, explored the yard and even had a playdate in the evening! Hopefully it keeps the cabin fever at bay for a little while.

My cabin fever isn't too bad, either. I'm trying to stay busy. I was left home alone last night with no candy, so I had to make these:

Today I'll hopefully sew and read.
I say hopefully because I have had a pretty persistent headache for past few days and Tylenol isn't cutting it. Cola helps a little.
Don't worry, I had my 38 week checkup yesterday and the headache isn't anything to be alarmed about. Everything is looking really great and I'm on the right track. If you want some stats, keep reading. If you'd rather not know the personal details, I'll leave you here with my lazy boy in his La-Z-Boy. :)

I'm at a 1 and 50% effaced. I'm not making any predictions or getting anxious, though. I'm just really interested in knowing what is going on in there. They told me she'll probably be pretty small, maybe not even 7 lbs. I have the option of having my membranes stripped next week. We'll see how things go. I have plenty of other fun things to do for the next couple of weeks. She can hang on for a little while if she wants. Valentines Day wouldn't be too early, nudge nudge.


Amber said...

The doughnuts look amazing! How did you make them?

ps. Bella loved her play date too! We'll need to do it again when I get back!

We Three Zweigs said...

At least if it keeps raining you could opt for a water birth right in your own backyard. Talk about eco-friendly!!!

Joey Rachel & Avery said...

I am so glad I finally found your blog!!! I love all the updates, I'll be praying she comes soon:) Keep the updates coming; I enjoy them!!!

Rachael Thomas said...

It's raining like crazy here too. I'm with Amber, those doughnuts look very tasty.

Brynn said...

yay for donuts! And I had a feelin she be a little one just like Tae. My still sticking to my original guesstimation of weight. :)

erynn louise said...

tell her to wait until march 3rd to come out. that won't be too late right? ps those don't look like doughnuts, they look like little peanut butter cups dipped in chocolate!! :)

the fowlers said...

Erynn, you're right!
I wish I could make doughnuts that looked that good. They are peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. Oh, yum. And no baking involved!