Tuesday, April 3

the weekend + yesterday.

we've been going like crazy.

friday evening we had a fun birthday party for one of her little friends. she was so excited to tell him happy birthday. ellie had a ball on the jump houses and ate a dinner of cupcakes and "goldenfish."

saturday we got up extra early to drive to atlanta for the color run 5k. we dropped ellie with grammie and pop-pop for the day and headed into town. everything was perfect and the run was so much fun. i would do it again in a second.



we met up with ellie and the grandparents at mcdonalds where she was playing her little heart out, then we headed back to their place to clean up and relax before dinner.

it's the perfect time of year in georgia. it's warm but not melting-hot (yet) and the bugs aren't too bad. we had a picnic on the deck and ate our fill of great-granddaddy's amazing burgers and ellie fell in love with watermelon all over again. it was heaven.

sunday wasn't too exciting. besides attempting to listen to conference over singing and whining and playing, we took a walk around the "neighborhood" (ellie's new favorite word). oh, and skyped with the utah family. and dyed easter eggs. and took a nap in the sunshine. so kinda exciting.

then talk about manic monday.
yesterday, daddy stayed home with us and we had another jam-packed day.

first stop: the doctor's office for both girls - 2 year and 4 month.
ellie was especially upset about it. even though i had been trying to prepare her for weeks and we told her we were going to the checkup, she somehow got the idea that we were all going to the swimming pool instead. on the way there, she would say "we goin swimmin!" and i would say, "no, we're going to see the doctor." then she would say "mommy goin swimmin, poppy goin swimmin, daddy goin swimmin, ellie goin swimmin!" poor girl. totally in denial.
aside from ellie's fear of the doctor, both girls are super healthy and well.
ellie's short for her age (25th percentile), but average weight so she's a little round.
poppy weighed in at 16 lbs! she's gaining about a pound a month. she's in the 75th percentile for height and weight.

after the doctor, we went to the park to see the wildlife zoo. it was beautiful weather. ellie was most excited to see the turkeys and she kept gobbling back at them. we walked around the duck pond, too, and she ran nearly the whole way around it. poppy relaxed in the stroller and enjoyed the sun.

after that we had some lunch, bought and planted some plants (that i am really going to try not to kill) and went for another walk around ellie's beloved "neighborhood." we had a little easter lesson to top it off and then tried to get to bed early and ended up actually getting to sleep after midnight (thanks shots, for a restless baby).

whew! how's that for a good start of april post?

more pictures are on the way.

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Tom and Juli said...

Way to go with the 5K, it looks like you had a lot of fun!