Thursday, March 29

marching on.

oh, march blogging. how i have failed you.

i think maybe the lack of sugar this month* drained my energy and cut off my motivation.
that, or the breastfeeding.
believe it or not, i think my chunky boo is in the middle of another growth spurt. i can't wait to see what the doctor thinks at her visit next week. she's not just round, she's tall, too, but that doesn't mean that she's exempt from leg rolls and cottage cheese bum (sorry girl, but i'm your embarrassing mommy). she looks older than she is.
she has also prompted store employees to neglect work and coo at my "juicy" (their words) baby.

what we've been up to:

eating homemade protein bars and drinking green smoothies (yum, yum, yum!)

so many parties!*

lots of (boring) school for daddy

trips to the park (monday we watched the three bears at the zoo have boxing matches and chase each other up trees - thanks for the show, bears!)

getting ready for a 5k (more like trying to figure out the logistics of running but also feeding a baby who won't take a bottle)

mysterious fever of 101.6 (ellie bean, with no other symptoms but a "stomach ate")

within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting back in my pre-baby jeans (as in, pre-eleanor jeans in some cases) but still dealing with the post-baby squish

a rekindled (daddy) and new-found (ellie) love of army men and star wars toys

lots of singing like ariel "up where dey stay all day in da suuuuun!" and "ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh"

lots more "singing" and growling and chirping from miss poppy.

the usual hugs, kisses, jokes, tickles and naps.

hopefully april brings a surge of energy for me, because i want to do it all (well, i just want to keep the house from being deemed a toxic waste dump) and look good doing it.

here is a glimpse at what is coming soon on the blog:

yes. yes. yes. 

*we took a little break from no sugar month this weekend when we attended a birthday party. i think my plan worked! i had one piece of cake (shared with eleanor) saturday and one bowl of ice cream sunday and i felt pretty satisfied. hooray for more self-control. 

**also, i am moving some of my pictures around in my online storage. hopefully that doesn't mess up any of my pictures on the blog, but i should be able to fix it if it does. 


Ann Taylor said...

LOVE the cabbage patch!!
and kuddos for the no sugar!! I should really hop and this band wagon... I think I lack the confidence in my self control- David & I are re-committing to working out next week, we've been bums this month!
and I'm glad you like our living room, I can't say it's ellie proof, I'm not sure anything is ellie proof- but so far it's jonathan & 'friends' proof. Maybe you could talk jimmy into the shelf if you bribed him more books? idk, he's pretty stubborn... as for free furniture, the restore for us has become a great resource of free or nearly free furniture! good luck!

Ash said...

5k! Fun! Sounds like things are going well. I mean, with a juicy baby, how could it not?

And what are these homemade protein bars?? They sound awesome.

Saimi said...

You're running....Very impressive!! K so I'm lovin those pictures of your darling girlie girls!