Sunday, March 4

jekyll island, part II

more pictures from jekyll island, taken by my parents. 

 before grampa knew about chiggers in the moss. whoops!

she wasn't so sure about the cool sand at first. 

don't worry, i have about a billion more pictures from cabbage patch land and the visit in general, including many where poppy isn't being packed around. promise, you can see her face.


Ann Taylor said...

LOVE ellie's tip toes in the sand! hahaha, and I'm looking forward to poppy's face!

Saimi said...

Not sure how I missed the first round of Jekyll Island but I love part II.

Darling pictures!!

Ash said...

Oh no! Did your dad get chiggers on his head? That would be the worst.

Looks like a lot of fun! That beach is beautiful!

Nielsen Family said...

Great choice of pics Brades! What fun that few days was. I love the ocean and am so glad we went. Watching Ellie discover a whole new part of the world was priceless. The pics of you & ellie at the waters edge are my favorites. Great memories.