Thursday, March 8


this girl is rollin', rollin', rollin'! 
(i am in the mood for some corny jokes. i'm so sorry.)

i got some pictures of poppy (in our dark, dark living room) just after she rolled over for the first time. 

(she's not quite sure what just happened.)

i didn't know if she was going to make it all the way over because she was so intent on keeping her thumb in her mouth and her arm was getting in the way. 

and i also got some from the next day when she was just being adorable (as usual).
(i am trying to keep up with the pictures and not follow the usual (and understandable) trend of having progressively less pictures of each child in the family.)

as much as she loves sleeping, she loves to be moving. she wiggles those legs and she somehow inches around on her back a little bit.

i can't believe she's such a big girl. i busted out the six month size clothes a couple of weeks ago and i am still a little surprised when i put them on her and they fit.

 (yes, she grins like this all the time. best smile ever.)

move 'em on, head 'em up,


(i feel the need to apologize for my extreme love of parentheses usage.) 
(then again, i don't really.) 
(i love parentheses. plus, i'm pretty sure it's true to the way i talk.) 
(i mean, there are a lot of "by-the-way...'s" in my everyday speech.)


Nielsen Family said...

Oh! I just want to be there to watch the action, see those smiles & kiss that face!!!
Love & miss all of you sooo much!

Ann Taylor said...

What a sweetheart!!! She looks so much like Jimmy! But she definitely has has Ellie cheeks :) Thank you for the pictures, I was just missing you all!

Ash said...

I never knew what they were saying in that song. I always thought it was "AHA!" or something like that. Good to know what it actually is.

Also, she is just too precious.

Ash said...

Okay I just listened to the song, and now I feel dumb because they are obviously saying "Rawhide."

erynn said...

no need to apologize for the corny jokes... you definitely get that from dad. :) love those chubby cheeks!!

Saimi said...

I'm trying to figure how I can chew, kiss, nuzzle on those cheeks!!

Wow what a cutie pie!!