Friday, March 9

lest you think it is all sunshine and roses...

some lovely moments in motherhood look like this:
and this:


 remember how i have a two-year-old?

all morning meltdown. no real reason. 

and the husband said he would trade jobs with me. HA.

(also, motherhood gives you a double chin, i guess.)


erynn said...

oh i totally agree. not that i have a 2 year old... yet. but there is definitely more than 1 side of motherhood. nate's beginning to see that i am NOT on a 6 week vacation.

n.davis said...

bahaha. love this!
SO my mornings 3 out of the 5 days of the week.
gotta love it. and seriously, my hubby said he'd
trade. he wouldn't make it a week...;)

ps. double chin, no way man. you look so good. always.
if you wanna see chins, check out mine soon. i'll have about 4. ;) swelling like a balloooooon.

Kathleen said...

That last picture made me laugh so hard. Her hands holding her mouth. Oh man. So funny.

Chantal Marie said...

Motherhood does give you a double chin...Well not you but it definitely does give me one. Or maybe it's all the ice cream and Cheetos? Either way...

Ash said...

I'm sure that was a really frustrating morning, but I couldn't help but laugh at that picture. She looks horrified! And the other pictures are so sweet.

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

hahaha i LOVE these pics. Can't believe you have two kiddos! so cool!