Friday, March 16

the years go fast...

and the days go so slow.

(lyrics from one of my favorite songs by modest mouse.)

since most of my days start with some form of hooliganism around five or six in the morning
and end with some form of chaos around eleven at night
(with interruptions basically guaranteed at about two am),
it seems like the days last forever.

but the weeks fly by.

here it is, friday again, and i'm not really sure what happened this week. i do know that our weekend is already packed (in a good way), starting this afternoon with a trip to see the fishies and rugged menswear at bass pro.

what have we been up to?


both of us grown fowlers are going without most sugar this month. we still are eating fruits and honey, but we have cut out all of the unnecessary sugars (mainly baked goods, candy, sugar cereals, etc). because of that, the little fowlers are doing without most sugars, too. it hasn't been too hard, but i still think about treats all the time. like, literally, all the time. that's why i am doing this, not for health but for the hope that i will gain more self-control.
but i find myself wanting to stop and get a milkshake at every drive-thru i see,
wanting to pop a handful of m&ms in my mouth whenever i need a break and no break is in sight,
wanting to bake a delicious something...
i even wished that the orange i peeled this morning was a chocolate orange instead.
oh, chocolate oranges.

we'll make it and hopefully we'll be the better for it.

husband says he doesn't even miss it. ugh. shut up. 

speaking of...
daddy/husband fowler: 

work, school, exercise, trying to relax but instead thinking about all of the things he should be doing, sleep, repeat.

mommy fowler: 

so many diapers. and pukes. and general messiness. but mainly it is laughs and smiles and funny little stories and hugs and kisses. some sleep. i have painted nails right now for the first time i can remember so... that's news.

eleanor fowler:

telling hilarious stories,  being naughty and climbing on everything, refusing to even think about potty training, sleeping in the big girl bed, trying new foods, nonstop make-believe, being alternately sweet and then crazy with poppy, wearing pretty dresses, playing as much as possible.

she talks all the time and has so many little thoughts about everything. it is great and it is exhausting (for everyone).

penelope fowler:

sleeping through the night and through the screaming and craziness of the day, not even making a peep when she has a giant blow-out ("fix me when you get a minute, okay mom?"), smiling, rolling and army crawling like a pro, wiggling, sticking her arms and legs out of the crib when she sleeps, wearing cute little outfits, having the best and chubbiest fat rolls.

overall, just being the world's best baby.

we've also had record-breaking heat this week. i'm kind of sick of hearing the phrase "unseasonably warm," but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it.

we went last weekend to one of the best parks i've ever visited and had a great time with grammie and you have witnessed the pictures that prove it.

have a great weekend!

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Ann Taylor said...

which park did you guys go to?