Tuesday, March 6

11 questions!

11 questions! from miss wendy, who is part of one of the most hilarious families i have ever met. 
wendy came up with these questions. i'm going to come up with my own. 

or go ahead and just skim through the pictures of the girls at the park. i don't mind. 

1. if you could be a superhero, what would your super powers be? 

hm, i usually don't like this one, because i have seen enough (too much) television to know that your power is your burden. however, while thinking about it, i finally thought of a really good one. i would like to stop time. of course, while time was stopped, i wouldn't age. that way i could catch up on cleaning the house, never be late and i could watch my babies while they are babies for a little bit longer. 

2. hot dogs or hamburgers?
hamburgers. well, cheeseburgers. i love how many things taste good on a cheeseburger: fries, guacamole, bacon, chili... i guess you could put all of these things on a hot dog, but i would rather put them on a cheeseburger. nothin' against hot dogs.

3. if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
three words: laser hair removal. 
i would like to not ever have to worry about body hair again.  
or i could be less shallow and say that i would like to be more thoughtful. like, i miss social cues and totally forget myself. i always seem to be thoughtful after the moment has passed. 

4. in the next life, when we are all perfect :) what age would you be?
tough! i don't know if i have hit it yet. i used to love the age-seven-me, because it was right before i started to really grow up and worry about what other people thought about me. then i really liked myself at fourteen, because i finally hit my growth spurt and wasn't quite as awkward (at least i thought i wasn't awkward, now i know that i was still really awkward). now i just don't know.

5. tell me your favorite movie and why it is.
it is hard to pick. i have always loved e.t. - it's such a classic. the music, the adventure, drunk kids freeing frogs, e.t.'s creepy feet... oh, and it doesn't hurt that it has great quotes. i like a lot of movies though. one that i like and have been wanting to watch again lately: stranger than fiction with will ferrell.

6. what would your dream vehicle be?

i'm not sure anymore. reliable, not embarrassing, never needs gas, never needs fixing. also, heated seats. since we're dreaming, let's just go ahead and say that the car drives itself and i can do other things while i'm riding. does that exist? or can my dream vehicle come with a chauffeur?

7. if you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you'd do with your new found wealth?
dream house. and, you know, other practical things - like getting out of debt. we don't have much, so it would be easy. i would also like to put enough away for the kids to keep them happy but not bratty.

8. if you could spend an hour with anyone (alive or dead) who would it be?

call me corny, but i've been thinking long and hard and i have decided: my husband. stipulation: i kind of want that hour to be riding rollercoasters. we seriously need more dates around here.

9. where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

preferably in a home we own and comfortable finances. happy, healthy and doing what we like to do. it's so hard to picture it. i've said it before and i will say it again, if you told me five years ago what my life could be like, i wouldn't have believed it. i'll probably say that again in another five years.

10. if we had the "beam me up scottie" technology- where on earth would you travel to?

back and forth from here to utah. probably every other day at least.  

11. if you had to change into either a dolphin or a falcon which would you become?

i'm so indecisive. i will go with falcon because i'm a little intimidated by the ocean. that and outer space - i don't like the idea of being somewhere where i can't breathe and could float away at any time. eeeeeeeek. i really like gravity. 

(remember how this baby can just fall asleep anywhere?)

many of the people i know were tagged. maybe i can get a few more. you can answer them if you'd like, of course - especially if you've already been tagged.
juli (if you can find the time with your new tiny baby),
auntie ann,
would you please? even if it takes months to post it. busy lives and all that.
it's fun to think about the questions, especially when you have little talkers and you find yourself without an original thought in your head all day.

so here are my questions: 

1. coke or pepsi? (don't say pepsi. just kidding.) why?

2. what is the best dream you've ever had (the short version, of course)?

3. you just can't buy the generic brand of: 

4. when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

5. favorite and least favorite historical figures? 

6. what's the worst thing to clean in the house?

7. a word that you love is: 

8. do you know what your name means? if so, what does it mean?

9. if you could go study anything right now for free and no pressure, what would you study?

10. favorite book?

11. what was the best part of your day today?

rules, if you choose to accept them:

post the rules.
tag and link 11 people in your post. 
create your own questions for them. 
tell them they are tagged.

happy answering. :)


Ann Taylor said...

of course I'll answer them... but it will probably take me a full week- and I promise to follow the rules & let you know when I've posted!

Ash said...

Bradie! You are one of the most thoughtful people I know! Seriously.

Also, about the lottery, I recently watched The Descendants, and at one point George Clooney said "And I agree with my father - you give your children enough money to do something but not enough to do nothing." I like that.

And if you want more dates, you have two very devoted baby sitters just a phone call away.

sisterwendy said...

Bradie~ you are awesome! Thanks for playing. Your answers were amazing, I LOVE the stopping time super power! I've never thought of that one :) But I can surely see the wisdom of it. And your "hair removal" answer~ made me laugh til tears ran :D great one. I also loved your answer to who would you spend time with~ your hubby. Such a sweet answer and it made me think, That's the best answer ever. I think my hour would be best spent with my hubby too! just not on a roller coaster *too much puking going on if I do that* Thanks again for letting us get to know you better *heart heart heart* ps- your babies are so darn cute. Love to see your pictures!

Lindsey said...

Bradie, you ever need a babysitter free of charge, Kenny and I would be happy to help out! It really wouldn't be a big deal for us!