Monday, April 23

an apology.

i have come to the re-realization that the lighting where we live is terrible
and that makes for some really bad photos.

i have to use my flash in the middle of the day to even get a picture to turn out.

taking pictures at another house proved me right.

example of a picture taken in the middle of the day with no flash at grammie's house:  

example of a picture taken in the middle of the day with no flash at our house:

see, it's a fuzzy, grainy mess! and ellie has crazy eyes!
i know the light is behind them, but this is still typical inside photography around here. 
i definitely don't have the software, equipment or photography expertise to fix it. 

so i'm sorry for the bad pictures that will continue. at least the subjects are cute. 


Tom and Juli said...

Photography snobs be damned... we don't care what quality your photos are as long as they have your two adorable daughters in them!!

I always feel like I have to apologize for my picture quality too.

Ash said...

I always think your photos look great! I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Ann Taylor said...

amen! I just want to see the girls!! they are super cute and I think it's the subject that matters most- you've caught some of the cutest faces ever!!

Erynn said...

sheesh i never notice anything but those adorable girls!