Tuesday, April 10

more questions and park pictures.

pictures from the park last week!

i'm making an effort to blog, but lately i just want to get out of the house.
can you blame me, with weather (and kids) like this?

do you love that my girls are making the same face? 


back when i played the 11 questions, i got more from chantal.

she says: here are your 11 questions should you choose to play along.

(and i do choose.)

1. were you named after someone and if so whom?

my mom and my dad. brad and cathie. could have been really bad. luckily i ended up with a real name.

2. if you were another person, would you be friends with you?

i guess it depends on what kind of other person i am (like, if the other me isn't a jerk), but i would hope i would at least get along with me. i would like to think it is easy to get along with me.

3. what is the first thing you notice about people?

i have to admit that i'm not very observant. i often don't even notice what color of eyes someone has. i think maybe i notice their attitude via body language. i kind of notice the person as a whole and then break them down. i think i notice hair and eyebrows quickly, too.

4. who do you miss at the moment?

my sister and her brand new baby!!

5. mountain hideaway or beach house?

lake house? i like that idea. 

6. what is the farthest you have been from home?

the u.k. i want to go back to scotland all the time. 

7. city or country?

i realize more and more that i haven't really spent time in a major city. i don't think i would like it a whole lot, but i'm willing to try it. i'm probably to cheap to stay very long in a city. i think i would have to get out to the country and breathe once in a while, too. i'm too anxious for that sort of busy lifestyle.

8. would you bungee jump?

yes, but i think it would have to be pretty spontaneous. the more time i have to think about something the more nervous i get.

9. favorite sport to watch?

i only really watch mma with the husband. i actually enjoy it sometimes.

10. favorite school teacher and why?

i had so many great teachers, but i really loved my second grade teacher, mrs. parmley. she was so creative and fun. she had all sorts of amazing incentives to get kids to like learning. also, i think nearly every one of my high school teachers really made an impact on my life.

11. what do you want to do when you retire?

i would really like to travel, but the husband isn't so excited about that idea. he says he will be stuck in an rv with me while i ask him super annoying hypothetical questions, which is true. mostly i would just like to be available to have the means and health to visit and spend time with all the people i love.

happy tuesday, folks.


Ann Taylor said...

LOVE- I wish we had an open park to play in! the weather is finally nice enough... I might try Glen Maury... hmmmm I feel a picnic coming on- thanks for the great idea!

erynn said...

i love the park pictures! looks sooo warm there!

Ash said...

What is it with men and hating hypothetical questions? I love playing that game, but it drives Miles nuts. Thanks for letting us play with your babies all weekend. They just get cuter and cuter.