Wednesday, April 18


my hunter-gatherer on one of her many egg hunts.

easter was so fun.
i can't wait until next year, when ellie will have some competition (a bigger penelope) for the eggs.
she figured that, since she found them all, they were hers to do with as she pleased.
that made for a lot of mouthfuls stuffed full of jellybeans (and jellybean juice leaking all over the place) and horrible screams of "my eeeeeeeggs!! gimme my easter basket!!!" when we tried to put the candy away.
there isn't another chocolate-infused holiday for several months, right? whew.

it was also (probably) the last time i will be able to buy holiday supplies while the girls are with me... well, if i want them to be surprised.

i didn't get a good picture of both of them in their dresses, so i will have to recreate it and pretend it is easter again. trust me, it was cute, even if it only lasted a few minutes.

i may need to take down the easter pictures that she colored. the other night she had a hard time falling asleep because she just kept remembering easter. "mommy, i had a basket and it was full of candy!"
so, in other words, she loved it.

this face!

and this face! hahaha.

she fell over from egg-citement. (sorry.)

fuzzy, but cute. 



Chantal Marie said...

holy smokes you have some cute girls! That little Ellie reminds me of AnDee... too smart for her own good.

Ash said...

You bought them Fantastic Mr. Fox!! I really hope Ellie starts quoting it! That would be so fun.

Erynn said...

cute cute girls! next year will be the first year i'll actually have to buy stuff for easter. lol