Friday, April 13

tgif! or tgif?

i had completely forgotten that it was friday the 13th until a few minutes ago...

and i realized i have had a kinda crappy day so far.

my hair is awful
(i really need to change it)

the dog tried to run off into the woods
(as usual)

i scratched the car a little on one of the cart returns
(and in the store ellie kept saying "the car is just scratched a little bit! i'm going to tell daddy about the car.")

my new dishwasher started leaking
(but i figured out that it is just not closing correctly because it is rubbing on the cupboards)

ellie had a demonic meltdown at the cash register
(it's so embarrassing when you're holding a writhing child under your arm while putting in your pin #)


two sweet cuddly girls waited until six am before coming to snuggle in bed with me
(lately it has been all night and it has been rough)

i have a dishwasher again!!!!!!!
(i can't even put enough exclamation marks there!!!!!!)

ellie has been making up some hilarious songs
(including one that goes "you need to behaaaaave or you'll get a spaaaaaaank!")

and so on.

the good usually balances out the bad.
it seems that my day can be the best one minute and the worst the next,
but at least i know i only have to wait it out for a little while, right?

in controversial news,
facebook bought instagram.
i don't care. what i do care about is that 
instagram finally debuted for android!

and so, i give you 
pictures from the week: 

right now i am trying to keep everyone awake so that we can have a family nap when daddy comes home.
wish us luck, and happy weekend to you.


Ann Taylor said...

aw!! love that the "creature" has it's own sleeping bag?
We've been having a rough week, David has lab test and finals in a week and I've come down with strep-the WORST case I've EVER had- three days of 103-104 temp, but today is better- but the bright side is that Jonathan is doing great and David's family has super helped and my visiting teachers have taken good care of me!
I hope you enjoy a family nap!

n.davis said...

So glad those positives outweigh the negatives to your day. A dishwasher wins for sure ;)

Your girls are gorgeous. Just like you.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

One of those days, eh? I hope you threw in a little chocolate somewhere. That always makes my day go better!

My hubby is out of town, we'll see how my mommy burnout hold up tonight. :D

Love all your pictures! So fun!

Erynn said...

such cute girls! and you are right the good always outweighs the bad.

Saimi said...

I went half the day before I realized it was Friday the 13th - pretty uneventful but I do like Serenes advice...chocolate is a good answer!

Darling pictures!

Ash said...

Yay dishwasher! And yay for the cutest little girls ever!

Also, your hair is always perfect. So I don't know what you're talking about!

Scaliwag said...

Poppy looks more and more like Tatum when she was little everyday!!